Wheat raised in year of 2002-2003 in Hays, Ks
This is a close up of the Wheat raised in 2002-2003 year.
Just above where the circle is you will see Protein % 16.3. That is what our wheat
averaged  in protein this year 2003-2004.   The U S Government, called the FSA office
said thay had never seen that much protein before.  We were paid more money for the
high protein wheat.  This is our second year of raising wheat with 16 to 17.9% protein.

This is called a warehouse receipt from the terminal elevator (Scoular Elevators).  We
take this receip to our FSA office and we can get a loan on our wheat without having to sell
it at lower prices right now.   The FSA Office gave us .15 cents more per bushel for the high protein wheat.
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