Subject:        Field tests using Petro-Kleen I and Scale-Kleen  control of   paraffin and calcium deposits in downhole operations and tank cleanups, plus oil and salt water contaminated areas.

Site tests was the Komalty field near Hobart, Oklahoma in Kiowa County.  This site was selected due to the very severe conditions mentioned above.

Results of the tests are attached to this memo.

It was discovered that Petro-Kleen I was a good product to control the paraffin buildup in downhole operations and as reported in the tests.  Kept equipment clean, pumps working smoothly, less ball valve corrosion and cleaner jet rods, along with less water on seals and working parts.

Further tests revealed that Petro-Kleen I performed well cleaning up oil field sites that were contaminated with oil, paraffin, and salt water.  Crop land that were almost sterile last growing season are now growing crops.  Very positive demonstration.

We also found that the Petro-Kleen I and Scale-Kleen worked well together on the cleanup of tanks containing contaminated oils.  We were able to clean up the oil, making it a marketable product.

Scale-Kleen performed quite well in removing calcium deposits in downhole operations: cleaning the pumps and lines.  This was done in oil fields near the town of Calumet, Oklahoma, in Canadian County, Oklahoma, where paraffin is not a problem, just the calcium deposits.

We would make one more observation that fields that have continuous problem that the treatment will be an ongoing problem and using our products on a regular basis, will help the operation, reducing costs and produce a quality grade of oil and a much cleaner environment.

    Hobart Field / Tank Test

Product:    Heartland Petro-Kleen
Date Treated:    09/02/03
Date Product Applied:    09/02/03
Type of Applicator:    Pumper Truck
Type of Application:    Product / Water
Temperature:   94   Wind Vel:   10 mph
Time of Day:   5:00 PM

The tank site selected was in this location where the contaminated oil from all locations were stored to dispose of at later date.  The tank itself was 550 BBL tank which contained 259 BBLS of the dirty oil.

We treated the contents of the tank on 9/02/03 with a mixture of 2 x 5 gallon of Petro-Kleen and 2 x 5 gallon of Scale-Kleen with 20 barrels water.  This mixture was then put into the pumper truck and circulated thru the pumping system to make certain it was mixed properly then pumped into tank to be treated.  We then pumped the material back and forth from tank to truck for five minute intervals for fifteen minutes, then checked to see if it was mixed properly.  We then closed the tank.

Prior to treating the tank, we checked the contaminated oil to see what was the condition of the mixtures.  We found that the 82% water 165 BSW.

On 09/09 we checked the mixture to see what was happening and found that there were things happening.  We were finding water and waste dropping to the bottom of the tank and we drained approximately 200 gallon of dirty water and waste, which was just five days after treatment.

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