Heartland Microbes
Liberal Feeders Heartland Microbes Soil Enhancer Results

The Liberal Feeders of Liberal, Kansas, used Heartland Microbes Soil Enhancer as a fertilizer enhancer in the hopes of increasing output for their cattle grazing production. Normally, Liberal Feeders could pasture 900 head of cattle on this particular 540-acre pasture East of Liberal, Kansas. However, that number of cattle was causing a loss of production.  At the time, the average weight gain for the cattle was 1.5 lbs per head, per day.

In the fall, Liberal Feeders normally overseeds the Bluestem grass with Rye. Early in 2003, however, the soil and grass output was declining.  They had been using manure from their own feed yard as a fertilizer, and found that the soil's phosphate count (bray count 1 and 2) was increasing.

Liberal Feeders decided at that point to try Heartland Microbes Soil Enhancer, which was applied at 1 qt. per acre (mixed with 20 gallons of water) on the 540-acre pasture using a half-mile pivot irrigation system.

Normal status before Heartland Microbes application:
Liberal Feeders could pasture 900-1000 head of cattle on this 540-acre pasture.

Date applied:
Liberal Feeders applied Heartland Microbes Soil Enhancer in the last week of March, 2003.

Results after Heartland Microbes application:
Due to good initial growth, 1750 cattle were initially placed on the pasture. Soon, Liberal Feeders realized that the pasture was growing away from the cattle, so they placed an extra 300 head on the pasture in order to keep the growth in control so that the excess would not have to be bailed for hay.

Total cattle now supported by the Heartland Microbe Soil Enhanced 540-acre pasture:
2050 (up from 900 cattle)
Cattle weight gain: up to 1.95 lbs per head per day, compared to 1.5 before Heartland Microbes application.

Dale Carter, general Manager of Liberal Feeders, estimates that because of the application of Soil Enhancer, instead of 1750 head of cattle, they'll now be able to run 2050 head of cattle until the 25th of May - an increase of 300 cattle. and for approximately 25 more days longer than normal time. This 540-acre pasture has never been able to handle this many cattle for this length of time with over seeded Rye.

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