Heartland Microbes Home Odor Control

Completely Organic, Non-Pathogenic. Formulated to control most odors coming from drain pipes and septic systems.

Regular treatment of all drain pipes will maintain most systems by eliminating any buildup of sludge from household wastes. Heartland Microbes Home Odor Control is also an excellent formulation to treat all septic systems and RV tanks.

For Household and RV use: Dilute 8 oz. of Heartland Microbes Odor Control product with a gallon of warm water and pour approximately 8 oz. of the dilution down each drain pipe in the home or RV, including toilets and wash basins.

Flush with 8 oz. of warm water. Best results will occur if you can allow the treatment to work for several hours prior to additional flushing. Repeat this procedure every two weeks for six weeks then treat once per month. It is very important to treat regularly and avoid using any chemicals in the drainage system.

For Septic Systems: Follow the directions for the Household and RV use about 16 oz. of dilution for each toilet.

Heartland Microbes