Heartland Microbes
Heartland Microbe Soil Enhancer
(Garden Enhancer)

Heartland Microbes living soil micro-organisms and other organic substances accelerate and encourage the natural activities of microorganisms already present in the soil. These micro-organisms play an essential role between the soil constituents and growing plants, thus, providing nutrients and improving the structure of the soil. Formulated to increase crop yields through improved fertilizer utilization.

Disease and Waste Control

Heartland Citrimate Disease Control
This special blend is designed to control diseases on plants and trees such as: Fruit, Citrus, Pecan and Shade Trees, Vegetables, Turf and House Plants.

Heartland Waste Control for Home/RV/Septic This product is formulated to control most odor from drain pipes and septic systems. Regular treatment of all drain pipes will maintain most systems by eliminating any build up of sludge from household wastes. Heartland's Odor Control product is also an excellent formulation for the treatment of all septic systems.

Home and Garden Solutions