Heartland Microbes

  Introduction to
Heartland Microbes
Heartland Microbes is an organic enzyme bacterial system used for water, pond and lagoon treatment. When used in waste disposal systems, Heartland Microbes controls odors, breaks down solids and reduces waste.

Heartland Microbes acts on bacteria like escherichia coli, vibrio cholerae and salmonella bacteria remaining in residual waters that would affect agriculture when used for watering, or when for relief it is characteristically mixed with potable water.

Heartland Microbes, together with humidity, penetrates to the limit since Heartland Microbes is water soluble. By linking the bacterial inhibition, it eliminates bad odors as well as the toxic residuals derived from industry.

Heartland Microbes works in running water applied by pumps or conduction channels. The form of application is very simple: In small or large stagnate ponds Heartland Microbes can be applied by surface (ground) spraying, mister system, circulation and metering pumps or air spraying. Using a circulating pump or aerator circulating water would be advised.

Heartland Microbes is bio-degradable, non-polluting and creates no phytotoxicity against vegetation and foliage. It is non-flammable and non-toxic to humans, animals or birds.

Heartland  prevents fermentation, activating the solids, leaving behind the metafila; breaking up the formation of gas with maximum oxygenation, consequently eliminating the bad odors.

Heartland Microbes breaks down the vegetable fats as well as the soluble oils in the water allowing fluency in the tubing. You should not mix Heartland Microbes with other chemicals. Heartland Microbes maintains and keeps drains running free and clean by breaking down the vegetable fat emulsions in black water. In stagnate water it activates the sludge and if left for a long time it decomposes.

Heartland Microbes carries out aerobic and anaerobic, moderately oxygenating in such a manner that solids cannot cultivate bacteria. The organic decomposition is carried out slowly and this could be managed as soil fertilizer: or if dredging lagoons that could feed fish without the risk of acquiring bacillus coliformes or other widespread common bacteria.

Heartland Microbes cleans phenolic water, an element that clears up all types of bacteria, however highly toxic to humans, animals and soil. Heartland Microbes inhibits insecticides, fungicides and pesticides that are left over from agricultural irrigation of the soil. Heartland Microbes aids in managing these elements or others of metallic origin metalloids such as lead, mercury, or more so, the sionides and arsenics which are totally controlled and potentially dismissed.

Heartland Microbes are live microbes in hibernation until water or fertilizer is added.  The hibernation allows them a shelf life of up to a year when kept in controlled temperatures.