Heartland Microbes
Heartland Microbes Goat Health Equalizer
The Heartland Microbes Goat Health Equalizer is for insect control and internal health for goats.

Dilute Heartland Microbes Goat Health Equalizer  50-50 with fresh water to be used as a pour on, down the backs of animals.
It can be used as a spray by mixing 6 to 8 oz. per gallon of fresh water to spray on goats, pens and barns for fly and mosquito control.  Goats tend to get wormy due to their eating habits, therefore their grazing pastures should also be sprayed to kill bad bacteria.

For Internal Health: 1 tsp. per gallon in fresh drinking water for worms and parasite control. 

By following these procedures you will have healthier more productive goats.