Heartland Microbes
Frequently Asked Questions
What are microbes?
Microbes are microscopic live bugs bred to do specific jobs.

What are microbes used for?
Microbes are natural solutions for a variety of purposes.  They can be used in agriculture for crops, pastures, ponds and lagoons, cattle, horses, swine, goats and sheep; for gardens, vegetables or flowers, water gardens, lawns; for pets and odor control of all animals; land and water contamination; and more.  We also have a special formula for the oil industry.

How long before you see results with the microbes?
Because microbes are very tiny but can take care of very big jobs we must look at the job at hand.  How long did it take for this problem to develop to the present stage?  Microbes are not an over night cure. 

If I use microbes to spray my yard can it be harmful to my children or animals?
No, microbes are not toxic or harmful and are safe to use even around children.  We even recommend the microbes for internal use for pets.

Can microbes be used with chemical treatments?
The microbes can be used where you have chemicals as long as it is NOT an insecticide or pesticide.

If microbes are good for the crops and grass and enhance their growth, won't it also then do the same for weeds?
Over time the crops or grass will simply crowd out the weeds making it impossble for them to grow.

How do I know how much my soil needs?
We recommend you send in for a soil test.

What is the shelf life of Heartland Microbes?
The Heartland Microbes shelf life is at least a year.

How does Heartland Microbes compare to other brands and why are Heartland Microbes generally more expensive?
Both these questions can be answered with the same answer.  The heartland microbes have many more families and species of microbes bred to do more jobs.  Our mcrobes have a shelf life of at least one year where as the average shelf life of others is about 8 weeks.