Heartland Microbes
Eakley Hog Operation
Hog operation in Eakley, OK uses the Heartland Microbes Waste & Odor Control  and the Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer to do a major clean-up.  The hog operation is just 3 miles from a Resort and the odor was causing threats of a law suit.  Waste and Odor Control was used in the lagoon where manure had settled to the sides and bottom making a heavy sludge which the Waste and Odor Control brought back to the top and liquefied.
The operation consists of 4 hog houses, each housing 1200 head of hogs.  Clean-up went much faster and easier than it had normally by using the Heartland Microbes and  the Miracle II.
And the hog houses were odor free and clean enough they even hung their laundry out to dry in one of the hog houses!   The clean up made for happier hogs and neighbors!  In fact the neighbors had thought they had won their fight to close down the hog facilities because there simply was no longer an odor.
Heartland Microbe Waste and Odor Control product worked to clean up the sludge from the bottom and sides of lagoon.  Heartland Microbes have the Anarobic Microbes that work from the bottom of the lagoon and the Aerobic Microbes that work at the top to liquefy sewage from animal waste, creating a biological product to use on the fields without high phosphate contamination.
Heartland's Microbes come from 25 different families of microbes that create over 125 species of microbes.
For a long time, people just South-East of Eakly, Oklahoma had complained about the stench of some local hog-houses. The odor was terrible, even many miles away.

May-02 We began treatment of the Hog-houses with Heartland Microbe Waste Odor Control.
Jul-20-02 - We were told by numerous people who live near to the hog-houses that they no longer even knew the hogs were there. It was like the hogs were no longer even there. The reality is that the hogs had been there all along (approximately 1,200 head of feeder pigs in each house), but the odor had been controlled.

Even the Department of Agriculture of Oklahoma stated that they were very impressed with the cleanup of the odor.